Three Mangas I want to read.

 Princess Recipe

Written and illustrated by Takamiya Satoru, Princess Recipe is a collection of one-shot stories revolving around first loves. In the first story, a young girl living alone soon finds two boys from the game world living with her, considering that they believe that she’s the princess that must be protected from evil. On te second story, Heaven is considered a company and the angels are the employees, where Hashiba, a newbie from the deathdepartment, receives her first assignment in a form of a boy’s soul-a boy whom she doesn’t want to die. Lots to read from the manga, so get your hearts ready for this fluffy, cheesy, and comedic collection!

Candy Flower

Candy Flower is a collection of stories on love and romance. The first story, Candy Flower, is about a girl named Kabayakawa and dream about handsome Yagi. Mizuki Aihara loves to sleep away the day on the garden bench and mooch Kabayakawa’s candies, but Aihara proves to be a good source of advice on how to catch Yagi’s interest. The second story is titled Love Begins. These stories are guaranteed to melt your heart!

Giri Koi

Leaving behind the friends and bonds you’ve made has always been tough, and Mao is no exception to that due to the location of her home. With a new school, things will be a bit tougher than before, and that starts with finding her new classroom.
-credits to otakuzine-mag